Social change belongs to the people willing to fight for it 

Right now, our shared fate hangs in the balance, and that is why we need to change the story in the mainstream, win material changes for women, and not be afraid to be a strong presence in red and swing states where women need our support more than ever. We cannot be silent. We cannot even be quiet. Show up, show out, and get LOUD with us as we channel the spirit of the Resistance to defend and protect reproductive rights for all. 

Together, we can ignite and BE the powerful force that champions women’s autonomy, choice, and empowerment in our times, so that our daughters, nieces, and grandchildren cannot look back and say we took these attacks lying down, and allowed their freedoms to be stripped from them so easily.

This is the inaugural year of our ‘Loud Girl Summer’ fundraising campaign. We named it from the inspiration that YOU give us all year: in the streets, online, and in your own communities–having the courage to lift your voice even when it is difficult to do so.

Show Us What Getting Loud Means to You

Use the hashtag #LoudGirlSummer on social to show us how you are showing up and fighting for a feminist future! Here are examples of how others are showing up: